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Messy Yoga Mom, 02-04-22: “Messy Week at the House” How has your week been so far? Messy, perhaps Between snowstorms, school closings, deadlines, and appointments, my week has been messier than average.With all of

Messy Yoga Mom Blog

Messy Yoga Mom, 02-01-22: “Vulnerable Post Incoming” Messy Yoga Mom vulnerable post of the day! Two of my children had dentist appointments this morning and it threw off my work routine for most of

Messy Yoga Mom Blog

Messy Yoga Mom, 01-31-22: “Why did I Start this Blog?” So, who am I and why the f#$k should you care about my perspective? My name is Chelsea. I am a former history professor,

Messy Yoga Mom Blog

Messy Yoga Mom, 01-31-22: “Welcome to my Blog!” Hey, everyone! Welcome to my new blog! I cannot wait to share with you my experiences and tips as a Messy, Neurodivergent Adult, a Messy parent,

Finnley’s Photo Session

In August, my colleague, and I headed to the Parkville Nature Sanctuary for a morning of professional photos for marketing for their business.  We started on the hiking trails, winding through the trees and

Finnley’s Preview Day

In August, I met up with my friend and colleague, Finnley, for professional photos for her business.  We met up at the Parkville Nature Sanctuary in Parkville, MO for a session in the woods

Kerry’s Family & Engagement Session

This past April, I was invited to take family and engagement photos for a wonderful family.  We met at Powell Gardens, located just outside of Lee’s Summit.  The day was perfect for an outdoor

Kerry’s Family Preview Day

In April 2021, I was honored to shoot two sessions for this wonderful family!  I set up a family photoshoot at Powell Gardens, the botanical gardens just east of the Kansas City Metro.  I

Find Yourself

Find Yourself As many of you know, I did not start my career as a yoga and shadow work facilitator. For those of you who do not, I went to university for history. My

Taylor’s Photo Session

At the beginning of February 2021, I hosted an empowerment photoshoot for a bubbly singer named Taylor.  Her energy was dynamic and infectious.  Her manager was looking for professional photographs for Taylor’s social media