Messy Yoga Mom, 01-31-22: "Why did I Start this Blog?"

So, who am I and why the f#$k should you care about my perspective?

My name is Chelsea. I am a former history professor, now a business owner.
I have a doctorate in Modern European history, specializing in war, memory, trauma, and human-animal relations. I am a healer, a yoga teacher, a shadow worker, and a metaphysical coach who specializes in trauma support.
I have two sets of twins, yes, you read that right… Two Sets of Twins!
My road from academia to healer has so many twists and turns that it could be the world’s largest corn maze, only it took over two decades for me to claw my way out again.

So, why should you care about my experiences and perspective? 

Well, I have been where you are, lost, demoralized, angry, depressed, chronically anxious, overworked, burned out, and feeling like utter s#%t about myself.

 I am here to tell you that you are NOT alone.

You deserve support and connection in this world.

You deserve respect for who you are as a person.