Shadow Work

Shadow Work is an esoteric name for the awareness of the darker side of ourselves through introspection and radical acceptance. Through the cultivation of this awareness, we shine a light on our shadows for the potential opportunity to heal and grow. These shadows come in the form of thoughts, emotions, personality traits, life patterns, habits, and traumas. Knowing the source of these shadows helps us see and accept our whole self without judgment or shame. In shadow work, the focus is on the awareness of this internal wisdom, not the outcome of the process. We get to choose what, if anything, we do with the knowledge gleaned from our deep introspection and expression of that information. We get to choose what happens next, whether that involves action or not. In shadow work, we use a variety of strategies and practices that enable us to tap into our natural talent for curiosity and exploration while creating sacred space to safely explore our shadows and draw them to the surface of our consciousness without attachment or expectations.

In my shadow work consultations, I employ a variety of techniques to create a personalized program for you based on your intentions and what shadows reveal themselves at the time. These tools include yoga, meditation, the chakras, astrology, somatic releasing, tarot readings, and art therapy. Sessions may be focused on a specific intention or more open-ended based on your needs.

Shadow Work Services

Initial Consultation and Evaluation

Includes a questionnaire, assessment of oneself, and other evaluation techniques. Create a personalized four-week self-guide shadow work program.

Follow-up Consultation

Includes a questionnaire, assessment of oneself, and other evaluation techniques. Create a personalized four-week self-guide shadow work program.

Shadow Work Photoshoot

With this powerful tool, we will work to embody your progress, visually expressing both the shadow and light of your journey.

Shadow Work Sensory Activity

The Sensory Activities listed below allows you to feel and process your shadow work externally for deeper understanding.  This may bring out new opportunities to explore that the depths of your emotions.

Shadow Work Packages

Mind Package

Includes the Initial Consultation
1 Follow-up Consultation to discuss the completion of 4-week self-guided program

Body Package

Includes the Initial Consultation
1 Follow-up Consultations to help facilitate your personalized shadow work program
1 Sensory Activity

Spirit Package

Includes the Initial Consultation
Weekly Follow-up Consultations during your 4-week Shadow Work Program
2 Sensory Activity or Shadow Work Photo session

Sevana Wren Studio can facilitate the following sensory activities:
   ॐ Abalone Shell Meditation
   ॐ Board Game Meditation
   ॐ Centering Bottle Meditation
   ॐ Chakra Meditation
   ॐ Clay Meditation
   ॐ Collage Meditation
   ॐ Consensual Touch
   ॐ Crystal Grid Meditations
   ॐ Dice Meditation
   ॐ Drawing Meditation
   ॐ Elemental Energies Meditation
   ॐ Finger Labyrinth Meditation
   ॐ Finger Painting Meditation
   ॐ Fire Meditation
   ॐ Herb and Spice Painting
   ॐ Herbal Playdough Meditation
   ॐ Herbal Rice Meditation
   ॐ Kinetic Sand Meditation
   ॐ Mandala Meditation
   ॐ Meditative Tea
   ॐ Mirror Meditation
   ॐ Mortar and Pestle Meditation
   ॐ Natural Archetypes Meditation
   ॐ Painting Meditation
   ॐ Raining Rainbows Meditation
   ॐ Rock Painting Meditation
   ॐ Sand Painting Meditation
   ॐ Slate Painting Meditation
   ॐ Smoke Meditation
   ॐ Smoosh Art Meditation
   ॐ Sound Bath Meditation
   ॐ Stone Balancing Meditation
   ॐ Tarot and Oracle Meditations
   ॐ Triquetra Meditation
   ॐ Water and Wax Meditation
   ॐ Weighted Meditation
   ॐ Zen Ball Meditation
   ॐ Zen Garden Meditation
   ॐ Zen Grid Meditation