At the beginning of February 2021, I hosted an empowerment photoshoot for a bubbly singer named Taylor.  Her energy was dynamic and infectious.  Her manager was looking for professional photographs for Taylor’s social media accounts.  We decided to try out the new photography company, “Wonder Wonder,” located in the Oak Park Mall.  Wonder Wonder is an indoor photography studio with a variety of locations, lighting options, and props.

I had never been to the location before, so my main goal was to be flexible and versatile with the numerous locations I had to explore.  Each room gave off a distinct vibe and energy, allowing both myself and Taylor free-range to improvise and experiment with poses and tones.  I wanted to create a photoshoot that would highlight Taylor’s amazing personality and creative flair.

The experience at Wonder Wonder was amazing!  I absolutely loved the ability to adapt to the different rooms and lighting features.  Taylor was a fantastic subject and it was truly a difficult task to select her best images; there were just so many to choose from.  Some of my favorite images are of Taylor’s playful attitude and her natural whimsy.  

If you are interested in booking an empowerment session, follow the link below.  

My empowerment sessions are about highlighting your talents and beauty as a whole person.  Many of us only see our flaws in photographs, but through photography and a little dash of shadow work, we can peel back the filters to reveal the beautiful person you truly are.