In August, my colleague, and I headed to the Parkville Nature Sanctuary for a morning of professional photos for marketing for their business.  We started on the hiking trails, winding through the trees and streams, before heading to Eagle’s Landing Park, which is next to the Missouri River.

My inspiration for this photoshoot was to allow Finnley to guide my shots and approach to the images.  We openly discussed poses and locations throughout the entire process, ensuring that they were comfortable during the session.  I wanted to capture them in a variety of lightings and backgrounds to highlight their energy and versatility as a businessperson.

I had such a difficult time selecting their final images for editing.  Not because I had so few to work with, but because all of their images were spectacular and radiant!  I loved how we were able to play with the natural settings to enhance their energy and spirit.

Do you need professional photos taken for your upcoming marketing campaign?  Or would you just like to have a session that empowers you and supports your true self?  Then, I am the right photographer for you!  My main goal is to support you during the process and allow your soul to truly take center stage and shine!