In early October, I met up with my colleague, Emileigh, at Loose Park in Kansas City.  Emileigh was interested in professional yoga photos for her upcoming classes.  Loose Park is one of my favorite destinations in all of the KC Metro.  The beautiful landscapes and elder trees bring joy to my soul every time I set foot on the grounds.

I took Emileigh to my three favorite spots at Loose, to tap into the magick of the land and to compliant her natural radiance and strength. I captured her courageous spirit first in the Rose Garden.  Then, I introduced her to my favorite tree, a gnarled, ancient elm that had survived a fall but continued to grow unimpeded from its new position.  We then shot a variety of fun images along the pond walkway, ending our photo journey under an ethereal willow.  Through the session, I worked in tandem with Emileigh to craft a mutual vision that showcased her skill, professional grace, and connection to her inner resilience through yoga and the world around her.  I consciously paired her movements to the landscape and the sunset to create a gallery of images worthy of her brilliance.

My photography is about building confidence and promoting empowerment through my images.  I love drawing out the inner beauty and strength of my subjects, especially when they struggle with shadows. Seeing Emileigh’s images, I am so grateful for the opportunity to demonstrate to her how I see her every day.  The images are stunning and I am honored to have captured a small glimpse into the amazing person she truly is. I cannot wait to work with Emileigh again in the future.

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