Find Yourself

Find Yourself As many of you know, I did not start my career as a yoga and shadow work facilitator. For those of you who do not, I went to university for history. My

Connected Warriors Yoga

This class is dedicated to building strength and resilience through awareness and support. This class focuses on hatha yoga while embracing both vinyasa-style yoga and chair yoga. The class is designed to bring awareness

Embodied Yoga Flow

Embodied Yoga Flow is a one-hour yoga class that combines the concepts of Embodied Yoga Principles and Archetypes with slow vinyasas-style yoga. This class is designed to integrate dynamic archetypal work, embodiment, and yoga

Release and Restore

Release and Restore is a weekly yoga class dedicated creating space to pause, reset, and rebuild as we prepare for the week ahead. This class combines the principles of Yin Yoga with the rest

Lunchtime Refresh (Yoga and Meditation)

Lunchtime Refresh (Yoga and Meditation) is an express class to boost energy and recenter for the rest of your day. This 15-20 minute class is designed to fit into your busy schedule, whether that

Emileigh’s Photo Session

In early October, I met up with my colleague, Emileigh, at Loose Park in Kansas City.  Emileigh was interested in professional yoga photos for her upcoming classes.  Loose Park is one of my favorite

Women’s Empowerment Circle (Aug)

On August 16, Sevana Wren Studio sponsored Whitney Sause’s “Women’s Empowerment Circle,” held at Minor Park, by providing photos.  The event was a gathering for womxn and included yoga, meditation, and my empowerment photoshoot. 

Women’s Empowerment Circle (May)

On May 31, I was invited to be the photographer for Whitney Sause’s new endeavor, “Women’s Empowerment Circle”.  We agreed to hold the event at Unity Village, near the Meditation Labyrinth.  My goal for