On August 16, Sevana Wren Studio sponsored Whitney Sause’s “Women’s Empowerment Circle,” held at Minor Park, by providing photos.  The event was a gathering for womxn and included yoga, meditation, and my empowerment photoshoot.  After the circle wrapped up, I led the attendees to one of my favorite segments of the Blue River along the trails.  Once there, I organized a yoga-themed photo session with the womxn standing in the creek.

My vision of this shoot was to focus on the inner strength of these powerful womxn as they felt empowered to express themselves through the gathering.  I took shots during the circle, highlighting their individual strengths as well as their collective power as goddesses after the event.

I encouraged each participant to personalize their sessions to highlight their image of strength and inner wisdom.  I am more than pleased with the session’s images.  I truly see their power within each shot and stance.  Their personalities shine through while supporting each other’s journey.

Contact me to set up an event or personal photoshoot that will emphasize the empowered self.  Let us work together to capture a moment that can have a profound life change.