On May 31, I was invited to be the photographer for Whitney Sause’s new endeavor, “Women’s Empowerment Circle”.  We agreed to hold the event at Unity Village, near the Meditation Labyrinth.  My goal for the session was to reflect the strength and resilience of womxn.  I photographed the participants during the yoga and meditation sessions as well as organized an empowering, topless photoshoot for all who wished to join.

I experimented with a variety of angles and subjects, highlighting the empowering images I saw naturally arise through their movements and shifting energies.  I captured yoga poses, meditative moments, circling, mandala construction, dancing, and the natural beauty of the human body.

I truly love the images I captured whether they were of individuals or the group.  Each photo highlighted the strength of womxn and the power of the sacred feminine.  The emotional connections between these womxn were palpable and I am ecstatic that my camera portrayed a fraction of that beauty.

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