Sevana Wren Studio specializes in embodiment and energetic healing.  From Yoga and Chakra Therapy to Holistic Photography and Astrology, we help you find your personalized path to healing . . . Mind, Body and Soul.

We offer the following services:

  • ॐ  Yoga
  • ॐ  Meditation
  • ॐ  Photography
  • ॐ  Chakra Therapy
  • ॐ  Astrological Therapy
  • ॐ  Shadow Work Therapy
  • ॐ  Custom-made Metaphysical Supplies
Sevana Wren Studio was created to be an inclusive studio, focused on accessibility and holistic healing to accommodate your individualized health journey and needs. My services are geared toward an integrative approach to healing by offering a variety of services to support your body, mind, and soul. I founded Sevana Wren Studio in 2019 right before our world changed, forcing many of us to rethink our approach to our health. I converted to a hybrid model to help my clients achieve a sense of normalcy during these turbulent times. Society confronted its concepts of individual and collective health, changing in the process.   I chose to change, as well. Instead of limiting my services to only a few lucky, in-person clients, I took Sevana Wren digital.  By doing so, I opened myself up to the outside world.  Now, I am sharing my philosophies on self-awareness and healing beyond my physical location. In this age of whole health awareness, we need to be able to express ourselves, our emotions, our hurt and pain, and our trauma. But more importantly, we needed to embrace our happiness, joys, and shadows. Good mental health is as important as physical health. By confronting our inner self, we feed our need for grow and wholeness.
"Feel the Shadow, Heal the Soul"
Sevana Wren Studio seeks to create and promote holistic healing opportunities that are inclusive, accessible, and authentic. We strive to provide support and healing for all who seek our services and community.
Chelsea Medlock

Sevana Wren Studio started offering affordable, on-demand online classes.

  • ॐ  Embodied Yoga Flow
  • ॐ  Lunchtime Refresh
  • ॐ  Connected Warriors Yoga
  • ॐ  Red Moon Womxn’s Circle
  • ॐ  Messy Yoga Mom

We will continue to offer these helpful sessions even as public spaces reopen, to make sure everyone has access to yoga, meditation, and embodiment.

We also offer open-air classes focused on connecting with nature. When we connect with nature, we invite balance into our lives. These classes have been a wonderful and amazing addition to my class offerings!  These events are hosted at family-friendly locations to provide access to everyone.

We offer a weekly “Yoga in the Park” and a monthly “Family Yoga and Hike”.

Sevana Wren Studio understands that life happens. Because of this, our past events are all available to our subscription members on Patreon. This allows you full access to our workshops and classes on your own time. Our members get discounts on our events, but it is also a great way for you to get to know my teaching style and services.