On March 5, 2022, a wildfire swept through the Cottonwood Complex and into the surrounding, residential area, burning homes and farms to the ground.  My parents’ home was among those destroyed by the fire.

My parents built their house in 1980, two years before I was born.  It has been the only home that I have ever known.

My family traveled to my hometown in central Kansas to see the damage and to begin the clean-up process. While on site, I took out my camera to capture the devastation, knowing that both my parents and my family might need the images to process our grief.

I wanted to share with you a few examples of what we saw that day in March. Among the ruins, I found beauty and hope, signs of our collective “rising from the ashes”.  

Stay tuned for my full blog on the fire and the images that affected me the most as I moved through the ruins of my childhood.