Messy Yoga Mom, 02-16-22: "Survival Mode"

So, I have been pretty quietly the last few days, hell, it may actually be closer to the last week. Time no longer functions in my Bubble of Mess😂

Between covid scares, chores, work, parent-teacher conferences, and so much more, I have been scattered and unfocused. Honestly, I have been in survival mode.

Have you struggled with just feeling like you are “surviving” right now? Or recently? What does it feel like to you?

For me, it feels like I cannot fully finish even the simplest task. Everything is piling up. I am walking through a fog and that fog is filled with Stephen King-esque monsters.

I may be smiling in this photo, but it is only because I just finished recording a bunch of tiktoks for my Plague Doctor project 😂 Something I do to blow of steam and relax.
Even if you feel stuck or broken, you are still slaying it.

Stay, messy, friends!