Messy Yoga Mom, 02-11-22: "Why did I Start this Blog?"

I’m a messy yogi

I am not the perfect yogi. Hell, I am probably one of the messiest yogis out there 😂

I have a sporadic personal practice.
I have a weakened core due to two c-sections.
I have back issues from trauma and stress.
I have tight hips and calves.
I can’t twist myself into pretzels.
I can’t do inversions without props (like my Yoga chair).
But! I am always trying, always pushing myself to dig a little digger into my practice.

I meet my body where it is each day and that is what yoga is all about for me.

I use to feel terrible as a yoga teacher because I weight 250lbs and I have injuries that limit my poses, but, fuck that noise, I preach what I teach and I hold space for all those who want to do yoga, whatever that looks like for them.
My yoga may be messy but it is honest, it is authentic, and it is vulnerable.

Stay messy, friends!