Messy Yoga Mom, 02-07-22: "Off! Time to Check In"

Good morning, everyone! I wanted to check in with you all and see how you are feeling today.
I know that the sudden change in weather can have a big effect on our moods and energy levels. Have you been feeling physically, mentally, emotionally, and/or spiritually this past week?
I am going to be honest with you, as if I would do anything else. LOL. Last week was tough for me. The snowstorm we had kept my children and myself home all but one day last week. That is a lot of time indoors and a lot of time together. Can anyone say pressure cooker? LOL.
I did have a little time on Friday to work and recharge, but it definitely was not enough given the three days prior. I was exhausted, overwhelmed, and stressed about work and the house. Whenever my children get extended time at home, the house goes from “hey, this isn’t THAT bad” to “better call FEMA for support.”
We did some cleaning on Sunday, but it didn’t feel like enough to satisfy this stressed-out mom. It is now Monday. I have yoga classes to teach, content to write, and a house still under disaster conditions. At least the mess is mostly relegated to the bedrooms, right? Right??!!
Life is always going to be messy. It will never be as clean or as straightforward or as “easy” as you think it should be. “Should” is the operative word here.

At times like these, I feel like a shook-up pop bottle, under pressure and ready to burst, yet flat and without pep. I may not be able to add back in the “pep” right now, but I can definitely rest and slowly release the pressure.

Always take care of yourself, release the pressure you feel gently when you feel it, and rest.
Stay messy, friends!

And, yes, that is our kitchen prep desk, covered in toys, food, makes, and a million other things. 

Like I said, I’m messy and I know it.