Messy Yoga Mom, 02-22-22: "Autism and ADHD Organization"

One of my goals for 2022 is to make our house feel like a home. Our home.
One of our biggest struggles as a collection of messy individuals is organization.
I sat down today to compare my organizational desires and needs with my struggles with Autism and ADHD.
There is overlap, which is a great place to start. Both look project/subject organization, they just can’t agree on binds/folders of doom piles 😂
Both also need to have work visible. It is literally out of sight out of mind with me, so swapping out draws for clear binds and shelves will be a must.
Finally, clutter and piles are beyond overwhelming. Reducing paperwork, nick nacks, and supplies is a top priority.
Honestly, my office is the most disorganized room in the house, minus the girls’ toys. Getting a handle on this room would definitely important our quality of life exponentially.
What are your thoughts?
Do you struggle with organizing?
What about clutter?
Stay Messy, Friends!