In August, while shooting a Women’s Empowerment Circle in Minor Park, I was inspired to craft an astrology-themed photoshoot around the concept of water and empowerment.  I approached my soul sister, Kimberli, with the idea of a Cancer-centric shoot at Minor Park.  Kimberli is a Cancer Sun and a talented goddess in her own right.  Therefore, we set out together to dream up an inspiring session that highlighted her uniqueness and sensuality while connecting to her Cancer nature in an empowering way.

My intention of this session was to create a playful, organic experience for Kimberli, focusing on her love of music and dance.  I wanted to draw out the parts of herself that sing to her soul.  Her connection to the water, the moon, her body, and her emotions combined effortlessly with her innate authenticity and vulnerability, making her the embodiment of the Lady of the Lake in my mind.

Kimberli’s session filled my heart with so much joy.  I had close to 1000 images to work with and it was agonizing to select my favorites.  Every image captured her true essence so vividly that it astounded me.  I was further inspired to expand my photo offering to include other Astrology-Themed sessions based on this experience.

Contact me to set up your Astrology-Themed Photoshoot.  Let us work together to construct a self-empowering, visual, living record of your birth.  Treat yourself to your inner beauty that will last forever in a personalized photoshoot of your birth month.